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Can Stay at Home Moms Keep the House Completely Clean?

Stay at home moms and dads do a lot of stuff by the time a day is over. In my experience, the end of each day brought on more cleaning chores. Sometimes, it was as

beautiful lady cleaning mirror-lifeinthebatcave.comStay at home moms and dads do a lot of stuff by the time a day is over. In my experience, the end of each day brought on more cleaning chores. Sometimes, it was as if the house could never be completely clean. When you are starting out, you will realize that cleaning your home before you had kids is completely different from when you do have kids. First, you seem to never have enough time on your hands. Even when you clean, it is never good enough. When you dedicate an entire day to cleaning, you end up feeling too tired to get up the following morning. It is an uphill battle to maintain a good level of cleanliness when you have young children.

Before we even consider what a clean home is, it is critical to realize that looking after your kids is a full time job on its own. People hire cleaners and housekeepers. This effectively means that when you do not have help, it will take more effort and sacrifice to get all things done. Therefore, you have to overcome your guilt of not having a clean home all the time. People who have no children still have a hard time cleaning their homes. Therefore, the first thing that I learnt is to take it easy. Then, clear your mind and be reasonable. With small kids running around the house, having messes rides along. With all the above in mind, what is the secret to having a sparkling home?

From my experience, getting help if possible is ideal. Even if it is a couple of times a week, get some help. Stop trying to do everything on your own. If you cannot afford cleaning services or a housekeeper, call a relative to come over; without close friends and even neighbors helping out, some stay at home parents would be really be stressed. Therefore, it helps having people around. Isolating yourself on the other hand can be both tiring and lonely. If you can get help, go for it.

floor cleaning woman-lifeinthebatcave.comWith the above in mind, start by setting a cleaning routine for your home. I found that doing small cleaning tasks every single day helped. Instead of waiting for your home to be a complete mess, be proactive. For example, clean one room every day. You can choose to clean out your fridge and the next day wipe your windows. Daily small tasks in addition to keeping tidy and clean surfaces is really the key to having some form of sanity. If your children can walk, start by training them in small cleaning tasks. For example, at the end of every play session, show them where to place their toys.

When you wake up in the morning, make sure to make your bed before leaving the room. Also, place all the dirty laundry in one place. If you see a mess, take a minute to clear it. This way, you will program your system to solve small problems which will hopefully keep away bigger problems. Above all, make sure to provide a hygienic environment for your young kids and pets. Foodstuff should be prepared and stored in the best way possible. Eventually, you will get into a routine that works.

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